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Art fair season, concerts, book launches and more in Brussels, Ghent, and Ostend this week. See you there!

Fair: Art Brussels 2014 at Brussels Expo

From 25 to 27 April Brussels

This week it’s all about art in the Belgian capital when the 32nd edition of Art Brussels rolls into town. 190 contemporary art galleries from all over the world present works by more than 2000 different artists. There’s a special emphasis on young and emerging talents with 75 galleries showing in the so-called YOUNG section and a clear attempt by artistic director Katerina Gregos to break open the classic booth set up, making way for a more artistic-oriented approach: while the SOLO section gives you the chance to discover artists individually, CURATOR’s VIEW showcases curated thematic group exhibitions bringing together a number of different galleries. And like last year the fair includes again a number of non-profit spaces such as Hotel Charleroi, NICC or CIAP.

Alternative art fair: Poppositions at Dexia Art Center

From 24 to 27 April Brussels

If you’re not into the big buzz of the large-scale commercial fairs and are looking for something a bit different than endless rows of white booths, Poppositions is the place for you. The off fair provides a great alternative, taking a critical approach questioning the art market. “We don’t want to mimic the real fair and just fill up white cubes – our participants mostly show in-situ works,” founder Liv Vaisberg recently told us in this interview. Under the motto  “What is the burgling of a bank compared to the founding of a new bank?” Poppositions brings together non-profits, galleries and collectives such as Brussels’ Abilene Gallery, Antwerp’s Stilll Gallery and young photography platform Outlandish. Changing location with each edition, the satellite fair takes over the former Dexia Art Center this year, where visitors can experience an exciting mix of in situ artworks, panel talks, performances and even pop up restaurants. Check out the full programme here.

Opening: Benjamin Valenza at Komplot

Wednesday, 23 April, 18h00 Brussels

Komplot, one of Brussels major non-profit art spaces, welcomes Benjamin Valenza for one of his fascinating performances this Wednesday. Also on the menue: the band Haydee who will provide the soundtrack for the night. Bringing together objects, ideas and the public, Valenza’s performances often result in films and sculptures. The objects and sculptures appearing in the films or used in the performances will be reproduced in-situ at Komplot. “Circa Circa Fabrica Vehicula” runs until 14 June.

Opening: Silvier at Super Dakota

Wednesday, 23 April, 18h00 Brussels

Super Dakota, located in the heart of the Chatelain district, is one of the newbies in Brussels’ gallery scene, specializing in putting young talents on the map. This Wednesday sees the opening of a group show featuring works of Belgian artist Manor Grunewald, Swiss artist Christian Vetter and American Evan Gruzis. “Silvier”, an expression taken from a James Joyce novel, deals with the idea of struggle and resolution as an integral part of the artistic process.

Print: Bookclub at Bersschouwburg

Wednesday, 23 April, 18h00 Brussels

Belgium’s Fernand Baudin Prize, named after the famous Belgian typographer and author, is dedicated to highlighting graphic design as a creative industry and to keeping the book form alive in a world of Kobos and Kindles. Every year it awards prizes for the most beautifully crafted editions. Now the initiative introduces a new concept: a book club. Anyone can participate and present a book of their choice.

Concert: Progress Booking night at Botanique

Thursday, 24 April, 19h30 Brussels

Recorders in Calfornia where they mixed their debut album with Tony Hoffer

Recorders in Calfornia where they mixed their debut album with Tony Hoffer

Progress Booking, one of Belgium’s major booking agencies representing artists such as Ghinzu and Soldout, takes over Brussels’ Botanique this Thursday. A ticket for the night gives you the chance to experience no less than five acts with very different musical styles live on stage with Brussels’ indie space poppers Recorders as headliners, offering a rare preview of their upcoming album “Above the Tide” to be released shortly on Caroline Records. Belgian Olivier Juprelle, French Da Silva, Liège’s rising indie pop kiddos Kennedy’s Bridge and Canadian-born Peter Peter complete the line-up.

Auction: Photography Master students at KASK

Thursday, 24 April, 18h00 Ghent

Photography Gert Verbelen

Photography Gert Verbelen

KASK’s reputed photography programme undoubtedly unites some of the country’s best young photographers. This Thursday you can have a look at the work of this year’s Master class at the school’s Anatomy Auditorium and even get your hands on a few prints of tomorrow’s stars by participating in an auction. Featuring photographs by Pauline Miko, Gert Verbelen, Sanne Delcroix and other talents.

Book launch: This is Belgium at The Word Magazine

Friday, 25 April, 19h00 Brussels

Belgian The Word Magazine, a bi-annual print publication documenting neighbourhood living, photography, fashion, music and art and the people, places, passions and projects driving them, launches its very first book this Friday. Stop by the magazine’s lovely offices for drinks, a concert by new wave act Lavvi Ebbel, an exhibition of a poster-sized drawing by Ida Michel and of course to get your hands on a freshly printed copy of “This is Belgium”, a guide leading you off the country’s beaten tracks.

Opening: Delighted at Plagiarama Gallery

Friday, 25 April, 17h00-22h00 Brussels

Brussels’ Plagiarama presents a duo exhibition uniting works of young Brussels-based photographer Victor Duchêne and Belgian artist Céline Butaye. Although their practices diverge, their approaches have one common denominator: their fascination with light. Both explore, each in their on way, the role of light in their art, playing with colour, texture, depth and its relationship with other objects.

Opening and book launch: Saâdane Afif at Xavier Hufkens

Friday, 25 April, 18h00 Brussels

With “Affiches & Fontaines” Brussels’ Xavier Hufkens Gallery explores two major parts of Saâdane Afif’s practice: his poster series, a kind of visual archive of his artistic career, and his fountain project fed from his obsession with collecting printed reproductions of Duchamp’s Fountain. At the opening you can also discover two brand new books about the work of the Berlin artist, both designed by Olivier Vandervliet and published by Triangle Books.

Opening: Marcel Broodthaers, Pat McCarthy and others at Delire Gallery

Friday, 25 April, 17h00-22h00 Brussels

Brussels’ Delire Gallery unites the works of Belgian poet, filmmaker and artist Marcel Broodthaers, American-born Pat McCarthy, Italian Gianni Motti, French-Polish artist Roman Opalka, Aditya Mandayam from India, Niko Dockx and Rirkrit Tiravanija to one eclectic group exhibition. Pat McCarthy, who made it into Art Review’s list of Future Greats 2013, will be present at the opening with his infamous CheeseBike, a moped he turned into a cheese sandwich delivery system.

Launch party: Buenos Tiempos Int. at The Why Café

Friday, 25 April, 22h00-3h00 Brussels

When Brussels’ Gallery Night comes to an end this Friday, you can continue your art marathon at the launch party of Buenos Tiempos Int., a brand new and innovative online exhibition project focusing on questions around “trans-feminism and proto- perverse art”, as the founders describe it. What that means exactly you can ask them yourself at The Why Café this weekend.

Shopping: MAD Fashion Sales at Bozar

From 25 to 26 April Brussels

Marc Coudeyre

Marc Coudeyre

Every year MAD throws a special stock sale giving fashionistas the opportunity to get their hands on some trendy designer must-haves at reasonable prices. This time the event is hosted at Bozar where shoppers can rummage through a mix of pieces by established designers as well as younger up-and-comers. Featuring Marc Philippe Coudeyre, Carine Gilson, Niyona, Filles à Papas and many others.

Night out: Catclub ♥ Art at Solvay

Saturday, 26 April, 23h00 Brussels

Catclub Art Brussels 2013

Catclub Art Brussels 2013

As you might have noticed we’re big fans of Brussels’ Catclub nights, a regular party concept combining an open-minded, beautiful crowd with great music. This weekend Catclub invites you to dance the night away on the occasion of Art Brussels in Ixelles’ beautiful Solvay building, a real neoclassical gem. As every year Catclub brings together artists, gallerists, collectors and art lovers to let loose on the dancefloor, this time to the sounds of Virginie from The Sound Of The Season, Denmarks’ Borneland and Mira from Berlin.

Exhibition: Felicia Atkinson at L’Étage d’Euphrosine

Sunday, 27 April, 14h00-18h00 Ostend

Feel like taking a trip to the seaside? This Sunday is the perfect occasion, when French-born artist Félicia Atkinson exhibits a series of ink drawings and painted silk fabrics at Ostend’s L’Étage d’Euphrosine, a brand new art space located in a beautiful Belle Epoque house. The artworks, especially made for the occasion, are inspired by “Riding for the feelin”, a song by American folk singer Bill Callahan. The visual artist and experimental musician was nominated for the Young Belgian Art Prize last year and is known for her sensual, delicate style.

Cover picture Lisa Lapierre

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