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7 things to do in Antwerp, Brussels & Liège this week from exhibitions to concerts and parties. See you there!

Concert: Scott Gilmore at Witzli-Poetzli

Monday, 8 January, 21h00 Antwerp

Scott Gilmore is an electronic musician from Los Angeles who just released his debut album “Subtle Vertigo” this June. Its sound is characterised by a mix of shimmering, fluffy, nostalgic and airy soundscapes which you can experience live at a place with a very odd name in Antwerp this Monday.

Opening: Philip Newcombe at Attic

Thursday, 11 January, 18-21h00 Brussels

London-based artist Philip Newcombe is known for his slightly elusive installations giving new meaning to everyday objects such as lollipops, screws or paper. Through the manipulations he makes in relation to their original function, a magnitude of possible narratives emerges.

Opening: Dogs of the newfoundland at Albert Baronian

Thursday, 11 January, 18-21h00 Brussels

The group show with the mysterious title “Dogs of the newfoundland” unites work by Helmut Stallaerts, Achraf Touloub, Emmanuel Van Der Auwera and Thomas Zipp. While Helmut’s oeuvre evolves around an alienated man, blurred and absent, Achraf deals with the complicity between technological society and the symbolic power of tradition. Emmanuel’s work often critically examines and exposes the role of the media, politics, and virtual worlds and Thomas explores humanity’s dark sider referencing history, scientific discovery, politics, popular culture, literature, and philosophy.

Opening: Evan Holloway at Xavier Hufkens

From 12 January to 17 February Brussels

Los Angeles-based artist Evan Holloway is interested in California’s contemporary culture and everyday objects—trees, plants, lamps, loops, and other mundane things. His sculptures are characterized by their formal experimentation and a love of craftsmanship: “I’ve always privileged the way the work is experienced over its purely visual elements. (…) I’m always crafting experiences as much or more than I’m making ‘visual art’, the artist says himself.

Night out: Get in Chapter 004 at KulturA.

Saturday, 13 January, 22h00 Liège

The Get in party series takes over Liège’s KulturA. this weekend with UK’s Ben LongDany Rodriguez , Dutch-born Alex Jansen, Xentrix, Alex Sender and others behind the decks. KulturA. was created by a bunch of motivated creatives, a venue hosting concerts, exhibitions, studios, a café, and more.

Opening: Hyun-Sook Song and Works on Paper I at Zeno X gallery

Saturday, 13 January, 17-20h00 Antwerp

Antwerp’s Zeno X gallery, who has the size of a small museum, treats art lovers with the opening of two captivating shows this weekend: “7 Brushstrokes” presents the first solo exhibition of South Korean artist Hyun-Sook Song at the gallery whose paintings impress through their unique technique and meditative quality. The group show “Works on Paper I” unites creations by a number of the gallery’s artists from Anton Corbijn and Raoul De Keyser to Grace Schwindt and Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven.

Opening: Egon Van Herreweghe at Hopstreet gallery

Saturday, 13 January, 15-19h00 Brussels

With “Who else?”, clearly a reference to the famous Nespresso ad campaign, up-and-coming Belgian artist Egon Van Herreweghe critically explores and unmasks our contemporary society via themes such as idolatry and advertising. The HISK graduate created 13 screen prints using Nespresso coffee, according to the 13 flavors in the brand’s assortment. They’re juxtaposed with a bronze sculpture of pop art icon Andy Warhol, who also knew a thing or two about the power of repetition…

Cover photo by Murielle Victorine Scherre

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