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Indoor and outdoor exhibitions in Brussels, Liège, Antwerp & Knokke. See you there!

Opening: Laure Prouvost at Galerie Nathalie Obadia

Thursday, 8 April Brussels

Pavillon français à la 58e Biennale d’art de Venise, 2019 ©Giacomo Cosua

Galerie Nathalie Obadia‘s Brussels branch opens a must-see show this week: Turner Prize winner Laure Prouvost, who represented France at the 2019 Venice Biennale, is coming to town for the very first time with “Reaching Hi Her Grounds From The Rub He She We Grow”.  As the title already suggests, poetry and playing with language constitute a substantial part of her wide-ranging, unique practice. Her exhibitions often equal immersive, intuitive, sensual environments that invite the viewer to open up emotionally. In this exhibition, each gallery floor, in line with the imminent arrival of spring, represents a natural state in the blossoming process.

Exhibition: Liesbeth Henderickx at Fred & Ferry

Runs until 1 May Antwerp

exhibitions in Belgium

“Unraveled Entanglement” at Antwerp’s Fred & Ferry gallery presents the universe of Ghent-based HISK graduate Liesbeth Henderickx. Often using stone and concrete as her preferred material, the sculptor imitates organic structures based on the awareness of matter. “I seek for the viewer to look again, more like an ecological meditation. The focus on form and material is more organic, concerning matter as it exists in and through systems and the character of metabolism as that which exceeds any singular idea of a body”, says Henderickx.

Outdoor art walk: Art au Centre #5

Runs until 30 April Liège

exhibitions in Belgium

It’s the absolutely perfect activity for pandemic times: a giant open air exhibition that takes you on a journey through the city of Liège. 27 unused shop windows are now graced with works by no less than 32 different artists, including Anna Mancuso, Marlies de Clerck, and many others. You can download a guide here or get a print copy at the Galeries Saint-Lambert the Guillemins train station, or museum La Boverie.

Exhibition: Reality Kings at Harlan Levey Projects

Runs until 6 June Brussels

“Reality Kings” at Harlan Levey Projects brings together German artist Willehad Eilers and Austrian-born artist Philip Mueller for the first time. They present a series of what can be described as four-handed paintings, making it impossible to separate the artists’ practices. While they have different styles, a common denominator can be found in a similar approach to narration: they both often narrate scenes of debauchery, boredom, and isolated luxury.

Exhibition: Emmanuel Taku at Maruani Mercier 

Runs until 15 May Knokke

exhibitions in Belgium

If you’re spending Easter at the coast as Belgian tradition stipulates, make sure to pass by Maruani Mercier‘s current show in seaside town Knokke. “The Chosen Few” presents a series of recent paintings by Ghanaian artist Emmanuel Taku, who describes his visual language as “figurative surrealism”. He gives his subjects a mythical, god-like appearance, challenging the historic modes of portraying people of color. 

Cover photo Miles Fischler

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