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Art and film in Brussels, photography in Antwerp, openings in Ghent: see you there!

Exhibition: Caspar Berger at Chabah Yelmani

Until 20 November Brussels

Brussels’ Chabah Yelmani gallery currently presents “In Case”, a fascinating exhibition featuring the work of Dutch artist Caspar Berger. Berger, who sees his creations embedded into the value system of the art historical tradition and is heavily inspired by the Italian High Renaissance, oftentimes deals with mortality, identity and sense of self. He’s mainly known for replicating his very own skeleton using a CT scan and a 3D printer. “In Case” includes a selection of sculptures and installations revealing contours but not contents of well-known settings as for instance the US oval office, inviting the viewer to reinterpret the objects’ meanings.

Cinema: Hors Pistes 2015 at Galeries

Until 29 November Brussels

Inspired by Centre Pompidou’s Hors Pistes festival in Paris, which champions films and cinematic approaches off the beaten path, Cinema Galeries invites you to its Brussels version of Hors Pistes.  The programme reveals the wide creativity of the Belgian movie landscape and shows cinema in all its forms. This week film buffs can discover “White Hole” and “Se perdre à New York” by Léonard Garcia as well as “Les bêtes sauvages” by “Éléonore Saintagnan et Grégoire Motte”. See the full programme here.

Living room concert: Jacuzzi Boys at Homeplugged

Thursday, 12 November Brussels

Miami and garage rock, that sounds like quite the paradox. Not for the Jacuzzi Boys: the threesome hailing from Florida has made a name for themselves with their energetic and melodic Rock’n’Roll and a few trips into more synth-based soundscapes. You can discover them and their new EP “Happy Damage” this Thursday in the intimate setting of the Homeplugged concert series.

Opening: Etienne Courtois at Super Dakota

Thursday, 12 November Brussels

At his first exhibition at Super Dakota, Brussels-born Etienne Courtois, a self-taught artist with a strong penchant for photography, moves away from his favorite genre to explore the world of collages and sculptural artworks. Nevertheless photography remains an important part of the process: here, it’s used as a means to an end. “I like to investigate the potential of the medium and its resulting discrepancies between subject matter and the account of what is pictured. I corrupt the subject, I use misappropriation and diversion, I incorporate imperfections, external substances, aiming to transform the picture into an object. I believe this can enhance the experience of the viewer, get him more engaged”, he told Fotografia magazine.

Music: Death Cab for Cutie at AB

Thursday, 12 November Brussels

Indie rock godfathers Death Cab for Cutie, who went from recording cassette tapes to selling platinum records and Grammy nominations, are one of indie rock’s most defining and influential figures. Their melancholic, sensitive and melodic songs provided the soundtrack to the lives of angsty teenagers in the 90s and early 2000s (and of course to The O.C.). This Thursday they take the stage at Brussels’ Ancienne Belgique to present their 8th album “Kintsugi” and hopefully some of their old classics, too.

Opening: Cheryl Donegen at Levy.Delval

Thursday, 12 November Brussels

The practice of American artist Cheryl Donegen is highly inspired by the digital world, its technology and imagery. By integrating visuals from shopping videos or eBay into her work and using apps like Vine to generate content for her creations, she wants to draw attention to how the fast-paced technology innovations change our sense of time and the way we deal with images. Not to miss!

Food meets design: Martin Hyde and Le Realism Uptown

Saturday, 14 November, 10-23h00 Brussels

Just a few steps from Brussels’ Place Chatelain you’ll find the lovely MoCo, a café and bike repair shop all at the same time. This Saturday you’re invited to discover the surreal, dream-like limited edition ceramics by Canadian artist Martin Hyde and munch on goodies provided by Le Realism, a food bar located in the capital’s center. Hyde’s outlandish creations are influenced by Chinese porcelain while reinterpreting traditional family tableware, mixing imagery from Burger King and Disney with motifs from Dürer, the 50s and the renaissance. The soundtrack is provided by Cheval, strictly vinyl.

Shopping: MAD fashion sales

From Friday to Saturday Brussels

Listen up fashionistas: this weekend Brussels Mode and Design Center (MAD) hosts a huge fashion sale featuring pieces by some of Belgium’s coolest creators from Alice Knackfuss and OMSK to Carine Gilson and David Szeto. A rare occasion uniting a multitude of Belgian designers all in one place!

Opening: Chad Moore at Stieglitz

Sunday, 15 November Antwerp

“Amber”, opening this Sunday at Antwerp’s photo gallery Stieglitz, showcases the works of young American photographer Chad Moore. His tender, nostalgic and intimate images document the ephemeral, fading moments of youth and growing up, heavily drawing on his personal life and the people surrounding him. Moore, born in Florida, now lives in New York, where he works for the great Ryan McGinley, a fact that didn’t hinder him from finding his very one distinctive voice.

Opening: Guts (No Guts) at Kristof De Clercq gallery

Sunday, 15 November Ghent

Ghent’s Kristof De Clercq gallery presents “Guts (No Guts), a duo exhibition featuring the works of Dutch artist Klaas Kloosterboer and Belgian-born Peter Morrens. While Kloosterboer experiments with painting, Morrens focuses on charcoal and graphite drawings, both abstract and figurative. 

Cover photo Murielle Victorine Scherre

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