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Art marathon: Antwerp Art Weekend

From 13 to 16 May Antwerp

Extra City in Antwerp, photo Miles Fischler

With Covid restrictions recently softened, Antwerp’s annual art weekend promises to be a joyful affair. Just in time for the opening of bars and restaurants, the city’s manifold galleries, museums and art spaces are inviting you to discover its vibrant local scene, which, despite the pandemic and a pressured cultural sector, can even count a number of exciting brand new initiatives. With over 70 locations both in- and outdoors, this 7th edition offers a multitude of arty activities, and we’ve compiled the seven exhibitions you shouldn’t miss here.

Greenery: Royal Greenhouse of Laeken

From 13 May to 6 June Brussels

Once a year, every spring, the majestic Royal Greenhouse opens its doors to the public. This time, you’ll have to take an appointment though, and not all parts are accessible due to Covid restrictions. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to admire the stunning architecture from the outside, as well as stroll through the biggest greenhouse featuring palm trees, tree ferns, orange trees, laurels, and more. Register here.

Reopening: Bar Paniek

Saturday, 15 May, 11h00 Antwerp

One of our very favorite Antwerp bars is opening its doors again: Bar Paniek, located in a transformed old warehouse right at the Schelde river, the absolute perfect location during sunny days. Reservations aren’t possible, but you’re free to just sit on the dock and enjoy the sunset.

Exhibition: Raphaël Zarka at Michel Rein

Runs until 22 May Brussels

“Abstraction Gnomonique” is a reference to Gnomonic monuments: Geometric stone sculptures featuring sundials which once graced gardens and cloisters in Europe between the early 17th and late 18th centuries. French artist Raphaël Zarka explains the new works exhibited at Michel Rein in the following way: “I cannot help seeing these European multiple dials as an overlooked area of the history of sculpture, an especially singular and meaningful moment in the archaeology of geometric abstraction in the west. The exhibition as a whole, where colour takes on a significance and an autonomy which it had never before had for me, should be seen as the work of a translator, the interpretation of a musical Scottish stone score.”

Open air sports: Yoga at Parc du Cinquantenaire

Sunday, 16 May, 11h30 Brussels

The best alternative to fitness studios, which remain closed: Open air group sports, which are finally allowed again. This Sunday everybody is invited to join this chill yoga class in beautiful Parc Cinquantenaire: people of all ages, sizes, and levels are welcome. Bring a yoga mat or towel if you don’t have one, and the amount you’d like to donate to the teacher.


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