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Last days: Baptiste Caccia at Super Dakota

Runs until 17 December Brussels

“T e imperfect cop ” (no, this is not a typo) presents recent works of French artist Baptiste Caccia, who has made a name for himself with an intriguing combination of painting and silk-screen printing techniques. Interestingly, the work is built by erasure – images are produced, soaked in water, reworked, painted, and reworked again. In essence, Caccia examines the substance of an image and its relationship to painting.

Art market I: PRINT PRINT at Centre culturel Jacques Franck

16 and 17 December Brussels

This week sees the first edition of PRINT PRINT, a market providing a platform for artists working in the realms of illustration, drawing, and micro-publishing. Accordingly, a treasure trove of posters, zines, editions, and more awaits. On both days there’s also food and music on the menu featuring Prins Zonder Carnaval and DJ Cowgirlboy.

Last days: Nina Tomàs at MAAC

Runs until 17 December Brussels

In “Hibernation”, French, Brussels-based artist Nina Tomàs merges real with mental images which she predominantly conveys via painting. Her painting approach goes far beyond the canvas, flowing out onto cubes, the wall while interacting with the exhibition space. Objects, drawings, and small sculptures complete Tomàs artistic universe. On view at MAAC, only until Saturday!

Art market II: Antwerp Academy art sale

Saturday, 17 December, 12-18h00 Antwerp

This art market gives you the chance to discover (and buy!) artworks created by the current students at the renowned Antwerp Academy. What started as an online platform during the lockdown has now gone physical, and is becoming a regular staple in the academic calendar. While it allows visitors to get a glimpse of what students are working on, it’s also of great educational value to the students, who are encouraged to think about forms of presentation. Expect a large selection of sculptures, drawings, jewellery, paintings, etchings… perfect for Christmas shopping as well!

Art fair: Art Antwerp

From 15 to 18 December Antwerp

Last year’s Art Antwerp was not just a one-off: This week, it takes over Antwerp Expo for the second time, welcoming 68 galleries from 11 different countries. Organised by the Art Brussels team, it’s of a more intimate nature than the long-established fair in the Belgian capital. Unsurprisingly, the large majority of participants stems from Belgium (36), but galleries from France, Germany, the UK and other European countries make for an international mix.


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