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Things to do all across Belgium in Charleroi, Brussels, Ghent, Liège, and Antwerp. See you there!

Exhibition: Histoire de ne pas rire at Bozar

Runs until 16 June Brussels

While celebrated Belgian artist René Magritte is definitely the poster boy of Belgian Surrealism – after all there’s an entire museum dedicated to him a few minutes further up the road – this comprehensive show at Bozar, staged on the occasion of Surrealism’s 100th birthday, reveals the multifacetedness and vast extent of the avant-garde literary, philosophical and artistic movement. At the same time, it zooms in on its Belgian particularities, such as a special type of subtle humour used as a subversive strategy which is still part of Belgium’s national psyche today. 

Photography: Thomas Chable at Musée de la Photographie

Runs until 26 May Charleroi

Belgian photographer Thomas Chable, who teaches at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Liège, has travelled extensively, especially through Africa. The continent is at the heart of his captivating work which discreetly reveals places little by little, fragment by fragment. His photographs are the result of a deep immersion into the light, atmospheres and textures of the places he visits, paired with an openness to chance encounters. “Au-dessus des nuages” (“Over the clouds”) is on view at Charleroi’s photography museum.

End of an era: Hindu Nights at Vooruit

Saturday, 9 March, 22-5h30 Ghent

Belgium’s longest-running, notoriously soldout indie rock party is retiring – it really is time to throw out those skinny jeans. But before, put them on one last time this Saturday at Vooruit, and dance the night away to tunes by The Strokes, The Beatles, The Libertines, and the likes. Launched in 2008, Hindu Nights ended the monopoly of electro parties that ruled Belgian nightlife at the time. Hopefully others will fill the gaping hole.

Last Days: Valgerður Sigurðardóttir at Keteleer Gallery

Runs until Saturday, 9 March Antwerp

The solo show “Talking to an Angel” by Valgerður Sigurðardóttir brings together new works ranging from drawings to concrete and ceramic sculptures. Touching upon themes such as loss, birth, memories, displacement and enduring values, the Icelandic -born, Antwerp-based artist invites the viewer on a poetic journey throughout the complex layers of her personal experiences.

Music: Micro Show #9 at KulturA.

Sunday, 10 March, 20h00 Liège

Curated by the makers of Liège’s Micro Festival, which takes place every August, this concert series at KulturA. wants to sweeten the waiting time until the next edition. This Sunday, two bands are on the menu: Memorials, who offer an experimental mix of art rock and psychedelic pop, as well as Brussels duo Pairi Daeza: We are very curious to find out what “cyber flutes” and “tentacular melodies” sound like.