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This week, everything is about the 15th anniversary edition of Brussels Gallery Weekend of course. You can read all about it and especially which exhibitions you definitely shouldn’t miss, right over here.

Opening: Anne-Claire Noyer at Le Vecteur

Friday, 9 September, 19-00h00 Charleroi

Charleroi’s Le Vecteur kicks starts the new cultural season with the exhibition “Ravalement de façade(s)” by Belgian artist Anne-Claire Noyer. The show is the result of her residency at the cultural center, and playfully experiments with many different forms of expression from textile design, photography and installations to cakes (yes, you read that right). Charleroi’s Art Nouveau façades make an appearance as well.

Opening party: Atelier 210

Saturday, 10 September, 14h00 Brussels

It’s not only back to business for the art world, but for the rest of the cultural scene as well. Atelier 210 kicks off the new season this Saturday with a special daytime party for the occasion, featuring foodtrucks, performances, activities for kids, DJ sets, and more, followed by a proper night out till the early morning hours.

Launch weekend: Mercerie

9 and 10 September Brussels

There’s a new kid in town, and you’re invited! The Catclub team has set up shop in a building that’s been abandoned for no less than 50 years, turning it into a giant playground “for free spirits, artists and stray cats”. There won’t be any parties in the former 1900 warehouse build by Victor Horta, but space aplenty for encounters new and old, and long discussions at the bar while sipping natural wine.

Music: 3 concerts at Onder Stroom

Friday, 9 September, 21h30 Antwerp

This is for the experimental music fans amongst you: Onder Stroom, a cultural venue right at the Scheldt in Antwerp, gathers three sound artists at the riverbanks this weekend. Chris Corsano, a New York drummer, has made a name for himself in the world of collective improvisation, free jazz, avant-rock and noise since the 1990s. Also taking the stage will be Antwerp-based Liew Niyomkarn, who works a lot with field recordings, and Farida Amadou, a young voice in the European improv scene who has already collaborated with Thurston Moore.

Fashion walk: Fashion & Sustainability at MoMu

Sunday, 11 September Antwerp

It’s widely known that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. But more and more designers and fashion houses pay attention to the environmental impact of their professions. Organic, locally sourced materials and sustainable production methods are on the rise. Antwerp fashion museum organises a guided tour this Sunday, demonstrating what local creatives have been working on in this context and what it all means for the city’s fashion scene.

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