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New kid: Janue

Thursday, 9 May Brussels

Brand new Belgian fashion label Janue is launching its first collection at Café des Minimes this Thursday. “We propose a poetic way of dressing that arises from critical research in art, philosophy and literature on the one hand, and a study of textiles, silhouettes and embroidery on the other”, the creative minds behind it say.

Print: Zine Happening V at Kunsthal Gent

From 11 to 12 May Ghent

This weekend sees the 5th edition of Zine Happening, an event entirely dedicated to the increasingly popular genre. But what exactly is a zine? The organizers from Les VoiZines collective explain: “Zines are handmade, independent publications that people make for themselves, to connect with others, to show their work, etc. The possibilities are endless! Content can vary from music, feminism, illustration and poetry to The Simpsons, found photos, travel journals, and everything in between. There is only one rule: there are no limits.” This edition takes place at Ghent’s Kunsthal, together with the Ghent Art Book Fair 2019.

Photography: Odysseus at Stieglitz 19

Saturday, 11 May, 15h00 Antwerp

Odysseus is not a usual group show: photographers Thomas Vandenberghe, Vincent Delbrouck and Sybren Vanoverberghe are not just exhibiting their works next to each other, but they actually created the framework for the show together, sharing visions and ideas.  “Odysseus is our translation of the famous myths, our self-processed utopia, our island, our horses and cyclopes, our darkest parts of life, our trip and our story, our life”, they say. “With Odysseus we want to explore how we can detach ourselves as photographers from our own subjects that deal with time and space, memory and people.”

Skating meets music: Fiesta des Ursulines 2K19 at Ursulinenskatepark

Saturday, 11 May Brussels

Not only for skater boys: this Saturday, non-profit organization Skateboarders invites you to discover the tricks of skilled local skaters, the inauguration of some new graffiti works on site, screen printing by Collectif Hashët, and a number of concerts. More here.

Photography II: Bastiaan van Aarle at Botanique

Until 5 June Brussels

“Moving Mountains”, a project by Antwerp-based photographer Bastiaan van Aarle, deals with a part of nature that has played a significant role throughout the history of art. Especially in Romanticism, mountains and nature in general served as symbols for pure and spiritual sources of renewal. Van Aarle, who is especially interested in light, approaches the subject from a different angle: he considers the mountain an active entity in its own right.

Night out: T.Raumschmiere at KulturA

Saturday, 11 May Liège

An institution of Berlin nightlife is coming to Liège’s KulturA this Saturday: electronic music veteran T.Raumschmiere, known for his aggressive punk techno tunes and co-founding the legendary Shitkatapult label. Hangover guaranteed!

Night out: Sublab presents Gee’s Night at Beursschouwburg

Saturday, 11 May Brussels

Sublab is an initiative committed to giving visibility to subcultures by bringing together alternative and emerging artists from different backgrounds. That’s exactly what’s happening this Saturday at Beursschouwburg, when Théo Gee invites you to the first edition of  Gee’s Night, a dance marathon travelling from hip-hop, disco, house and rap to R&B, trap and African music.

Cover photo Miles Fischler

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