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Cultural things to do in Kortrijk, Brussels, and Antwerp from music festivals to exhibitions. See you there!

Opening: Corridor at Papago

Saturday, 26 November, 14-21h00 Kortrijk

Janne Schimmel

A secluded garden and a decaying historical building overgrown with plants – that’s the unlikely location of “Corridor”, an exhibition in the center of Kortrijk curated by Elders collective. Installations by Darren Bader, Julie Béna, Laure Prouvost, and others explore the dream world of the subconscious and new facets of social interaction. A bar thought up by Brussels design gallery Maniera adds a space for exchange.

Music: Urban32 festival at Botanique

Saturday, 26 November, 14-20h00 Brussels

Urban32 festival makes a point of shining a light on all three language communities in Belgium: French, Dutch, and, often overlooked, German. Focusing on music, audiovisual, and dance, the multifaceted program features concerts, dance performances, an award for best music video, and more. With Estelle Baldé, Kunta, Dikàay, Delportau, and others. Find the full program here.

Music: Filter festival at Trix

Saturday, 26 November, 19h00 Antwerp

The festival’s name “Filter” is a reference to what its organizers do to curate the carefully selected line-up: filtering through the best pop, rock, indie and electronica releases to come up with an arresting mix of international alternative pop music. This year, Norway’s Kakkmaddafakka, British-born L.A. Salami, Brooklyn quartet Widowspeak, and a few others will take the stage at Antwerp’s Trix.

Exhibition: Arghavan Khosravi at Stems Gallery

Runs until 17 December Brussels

In “Forced To Be A Saint”, now on view at Stems Gallery in Brussels, Iranian-born, US-based artist Arghavan Khosravi addresses the issue of her own gender identity in the sociopolitical context of her home country, where she grew up under different repressive regimes. Her figurative paintings and mixed media works with surrealistic elements often touch upon issues such as censorship, authoritarianism, and cultural transience.

Exhibition: Omer Fast at Dvir Gallery

Runs until 22 December Brussels

“Toxic Waste” presents the captivating work of Israeli video artist Omer Fast who is known for his multichannel video installations blurring the boundaries between documentary, fiction, and fantasy, often to the confusion of the viewer. On view at Dvir Gallery is for instance the film “De oylem iz a goylem”, based on a medieval Jewish fairytale. “Garage Sale”, a recent piece from this year, intertwines family biographies, discourses on cultural heritage, migration, and racism, but also artifacts and historical personalities on different narrative levels.

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Cover photo Miles Fischler

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