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A selection of things to do in Belgium this week: dive into New Zealand’s art scene in Leuven, discover a huge ceramic archive in Genk, and more. See you there!

Art meets science: Constellations for Futures at La Loge

From 2 to 4 December Brussels

“Constellations for futures” is the result of a collaboration of German cultural association Goethe Institut and Brussels art space La Loge. Interweaving science and fiction, facts and speculation, the three-day multidisciplinary programme includes lectures, film screenings, and artistic performances at the intersection of ecology, community, and science, raising questions in regard to the current crises humanity is facing, always with new new kinships, alliances and communities in mind. You can find the full program here.

Opening: Nipple Twist at Nomadic Art Gallery

Friday, 3 December Leuven

From a van to the white cube: In 2020, Belgian couple Arthur and Gie Buerms travelled through New Zealand, diving into the country’s underrepresented local art scene while using their van as a mobile gallery. Now, they’ve set up shop in Leuven in a physical space without wheels, with a program dedicated to showcasing the island’s contemporary art landscape. This week, the second exhibition will open its doors with “Nipple Twist”, bringing together artists from both Belgium and New Zealand. The group show playfully explores and deconstructs controversial meanings around the nipple, bringing into question cultural customs and societal conventions.

Art project: Frigobox

Until 6 January Brussels

The practice of artist collective Gilbard, founded in Anderlecht in 2019, revolves around art and design based on working with used materials. Now, the group is temporarily setting up camp at 118 rue Blaes for the winter, displaying their catalogue of upcycled objects under the title “Frigobox”, a Belgian expression for a container with isothermal properties used for the preservation and transport of supplies to a remote location (simply put: a cooler you’d bring to a picnic). Gilbard progressively unpacks daily items, exploring the domestic space and making use of the materials it has collected over time.

Exhibition: The Archive at Studio Pieter Stockmans

Until February Genk

Belgian designer and ceramist Pieter Stockmans, now 81, has created a multifaceted oeuvre spanning several decades. Some might know him as the creative mind behind the iconic Sonja cup, which he designed for the Maastricht porcelain factory Mosa in 1976 – a design that would go on to sell some 30 million cups in its first decade alone. Now, Stockmans is opening up his vast archive for the very first time, looking back on his creations since his first beginnings in 1963, which range from extensive research into finding the perfect shade of blue to urns and porcelain jewellery.

Workshop: Polaroid at L’Enfant Sauvage

Saturday, 4 December, 14-17h00 Brussels

Photography space L’Enfant Sauvage not only hosts exhibitions and book launches, but also workshops for those who want to up their photography skills. This weekend, Mélanie Patris dives into the world of instant photography, presenting different Polaroid methods. Expect assembling triptychs, emulsion techniques, and a lot of experimentation!

Cover photo Annabella Schwagten

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