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8 things to do in Namur, Liège, Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent from creators markets and exhibitions to parties and openings. See you there!

Opening: Lara Gasparotto at Botanique

Wednesday, 13 December Brussels

Belgian photography super talent Lara Gasparotto has made a name for herself with her captivating, intimate, and dreamy approach to documenting the people and life around her. Only in her 20s, she’s represented by Antwerp’s Stieglitz gallery, has published a number of books, and exhibited Fotomuseum Den Haag, AtelierHaus Aachen, and more. Now her newest work “Come Dawn to Us” is on show at Brussels’ music venue Botanique. Fittingly, the exhibition is accompanied by a sound installation made by Belgian producer Ssaliva.

Exhibition: Séverin Millet and Mathieu Hubert at La Caravane

Until 21 December Brussels

La Caravane is more than just a second hand shop. Founder Claire also regularly hosts cultural events, this time a duo exhibition featuring the imaginary universes of Séverin Millet and Mathieu Hubert. Millet, a French-born illustrator working for renowned publications as The New Yorker or Le Monde, presents “Attraction”,  a series playing with reality and creating a link between his work in ink and the digital world. Hubert, equally French and a trained graphic designer, is interested in popular culture and transcribing memories using photography, collage and video. With “20 000 Dieux Sous Les Mers”, he explores the bottom of our aquariums, turning fishtank decorations into playful, surrealistic sculptures.

Night Out: Savage at Reflektor

Friday, 15 December, 22h00  Liège

Belgian party series Savage, dedicated to booking new emerging artists, takes over Liège’s Reflektor this Friday, with Dave Luxe, Dragon Eliott and Savage’s own François-Xavier behind the decks.

Christmas shopping: Marché de créateurs

Saturday, 16 December, 11-19h00 Namur

things to do in Namur

Still need to do your gift shopping? An alternative to the classic and kitschy Christmas markets is the second edition of Namur’s creators market putting forward local artists and craftsmen with a focus on durable and ecological creations. Organised by Les Gozettes it features lamps and vases by Colibri Design, 100% recycled flower pots by Bohini, and so much more.

Night out II: Stulp at Pekfabrik

Saturday, 16 December Antwerp

The team behind Antwerp summer bar Stulp did not go into winter sleep: this weekend Stulp is throwing a big party at Pekfabrik. Behind the turntables: Lizzyfy, Emillionaire, and others. Expect greasy hip hop, a lot of guilty pleasures and your favorite 90s tunes!

Exhibition: Contemporary Arab Photography at Fondation Boghossian

Until 11 February Brussels

Jaber Al Azmeh, ‘Survival 4’, 2016

Brussels’ Fondation Boghossian shines a much-needed light on a part of the photography world that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. The exhibition “Instantanés d’Orient”, developed in cooperation with the Arab institute, shows pieces from the Arab photography Biennal in Paris earlier this year, presenting captivating works by by Jaber Al Azmeh, Moath Alofi, Mouna Karray, Rania Matar, Douraïd Souissi, and Stephan Zaubitzer. A must for every photography fan.

Exhibition: Paul Wackers at Alice Gallery

Until 26 January Brussels

Brooklyn-based artist Paul Wackers‘ colorful, mesmerizing paintings are occupied with mundane everyday objects from bookshelves and pottery to window sills and house plants. But his artworks are anything but banal: with strange twists of space he arranges them in alternating states of chaos and order, using a mixture of styles from impressionist, minimalist and expressionist to trompe l’oeil and cartoon. The artist himself says: “The work I make is based on things and places I see, feel and keep close to me. I make them to try to understand what they are, what they mean, and how I should understand them. Many of the subjects are things that seem very familiar but through the process become confused or unreal because of the associations created within the picture. I try to remain open to whatever path they take me down.” On view until 26 January at Brussels’ Alice gallery.

Opening: I am also quantum at Tatjana Pieters

Sunday, 17 December Ghent

Opening this weekend at Ghent’s Tatjana Pieters gallery is a duo exhibition of Japanese artist Shuzo Azuchi Gulliver and Belgian artist Guy Rombouts. Rombouts, interested in alternative communication systems, is probably best-known for the Azart alphabet, a line-based alphabet allowing words to take on an endless array of two- and three-dimensional shapes. Gulliver works with sculpture, prints, photography, performance, and installation and was involved in experimental performances in Japan during the 60s with art collective The Play. Interesting combo!

Cover photo Sasha Vernaeve

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