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Cultural things to do in Ghent, Brussels & Antwerp from a migrant music festival to a Georgian artist’s first show abroad. See you there!

Exhibition: Karlo Kacharava at SMAK

Runs until 21 April Ghent

Karlo Kacharava in front of some of his most famous works

“Sentimental Traveller” is dedicated to poet, art critic and artist Karlo Kacharava (1964-1994). He is one of Georgia’s most influential cultural figures of the late 20th century, and gives a glimpse into the art scene of a country that does not get a lot of spotlight. It’s the artist’s first exhibition outside of his homeland and brings together his paintings, works on paper and illustrated diaries. Themes range from depictions of human figures, quotes and dedications and storytelling to family relationships, urban scenes, landscapes, and poetry.

Photography: Isabelle Vaillant at l’Enfant Sauvage

Runs until 19 May Brussels

L’Enfant Sauvage, an art space entirely dedicated to photography, currently presents the universe of French photographer Isabelle Vaillant. On view are three different series by the artist, all personal investigations touching upon the body, childhood, isolation, loneliness, or rituals in Vaillant’s personal style that is intimate, poetic, and slightly troubling at the same time.

Opening: Leyla Aydoslu at Fred & Ferry

Saturday, 6 April, 16-20h00 Antwerp

German artist Leyla Aydoslu, a graduate of reputed Ghent art schools KASK and HISK, originally started out as a painter. Today, she is working with three-dimensional elements while thinking about the conditions of painting within a sculptural and architectural context. The celebral is balanced out by a focus on materials and the body, which you can discover for yourself at Fred & Ferry Gallery in Antwerp.

Music Festival: BRuMM

From 6 to 20 April Brussels

Trio Bolingo

Since 2018, the Brussels Migrants Music Festival promotes music made by the many different cultures that are part of the local melting pot. With more than 180 different nationalities present, the city offers an incredibly rich – but often hidden – musical landscape. BRuMM wants to bring them to the foreground with a multifaceted program, featuring Congolese Rumba by Trio Bolingo or an evening of traditional Rio genre Choro.

Cover photo Isabelle Vaillant