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Exhibitions, markets, brunches and more in Antwerp, Ghent, and Brussels. See you there!

Opening: Helgi Thorsson at ABC Klubhuis

Saturday, 4 May, 17h00 Antwerp

This weekend there’s a great opportunity to get to know the Icelandic art scene first hand: artist-run ABC Klubhuis, an art space in Antwerp run by a bunch of Icelanders, invites you to freshly mixed cocktails, long drinks, sodas, juicy snacks, jazzy tunes, and, most importantly, to discover the colorful and playful works of Icelandic visual artist Helgi Thorsson. He studied Sonology at The Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, received a BFA from the Gerrit Rietfeld Academy, and a MFA from the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. Helgi doesn’t only know how to handle his brush and chisel – he’s also a member of two bands: Stilluppsteypa and Evil Madness.

Exhibition: Calculated Chance at Société

Runs until 29 June Brussels

Robert Filliou at Société

Especially since the Dada movement in the late 1910s, Western artists have incorporated elements of chance and randomness in the creation and presentation of their work, something that adds a level of unpredictability and uncertainty opening up new possibilities. Today, chance operations have become a recurrent technique. This exhibition at Société, stretching through several rooms as well as the courtyard, stages work by artists who let go of control. An absolute must-see that not only includes recent pieces but also older works, such as Eins. Un. One. (1984) from Fluxus artist Robert Filliou. With Michel François, Marine Hugonnier, Man Ray, Ellsworth Kelly, LAb[au], and many others. 

Festival: Ghost at Citadelpark

Friday, 3 May Ghent

This Friday, Ghost Inc and Monterey Ghent take over the city’s Citadelpark for a one-of-a-kind outdoor art festival bringing together music, dance, video, performance, party and poetry. There’s a graffiti installation by Andrej Babenko to discover, a sound installation by Audiotheque, and “Screen it”, a video art festival taking place this October in Hasselt, presents a selection of video works by Olga Fedorova, Stefan Peters, Molly Soda, and others. There’s also a dress-up after party at Vooruit. More here. 

Last days: Shining Ground at EVASTEYNEN.DEVIATION(S)

Runs until 5 May Antwerp

On the ground floor of a 19th century mansion, this (at times nomadic) art space aims at exploring new paths and extending its activities beyond the traditional walls of an art gallery. Currently on view: the group exhibition “Shining Ground”, a genre-crossing show including works by Johannes Ulrich Kubiak, Jan Verbruggen, Alexandra Kennedy, and many others.

Market: Dokmarkt

Friday, 3 May Antwerp

This Friday, the area around Antwerp’s Napoleonkaai right next to the MAS is transformed into a lovely market. A great opportunity to hang out at this nice spot at the river, eat Halloumi fries or oysters, have a drink, and enjoy some sunrays.

Eat & drink: Brunch in ‘t Park

Sunday, 5 May Antwerp

In the mood for a copious brunch in a green setting? Then head over to the summer bar in Antwerp’s Park Spoor Noord, where a massive buffet awaits every Sunday. And even when it rains it’s worth the visit: the greenhouse-like interior is just as lovely as the terrace in the park.

Opening: Saul Leiter at Fifty One

Saturday, 4 May Antwerp

On Saturday, Antwerp’s Fifty One Gallery invites photography fans to the opening of a solo exhibition featuring a selection of works by influential American photographer Saul Leiter. The show focuses on a lesser known part of his oeuvre: intimate studies of the female figure in both photography and painting, made in his apartment on East 10th Street in New York City’s East Village.

Exhibition: Anicka Yi at Gladstone

Runs until 15 June Brussels

“We Have Never Been Individual” is Anicka Yi‘s first exhibition at Gladstone. The recent works presented here explore the fluid boundaries between human beings, animals, and nature, questioning human exceptionalism in times of advancing research regarding artificial intelligence, animal and plant cognition, and microbiome discoveries.

Cover photo by Grégoire Pleynet

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