See you there is an independent online magazine seeking out the best of what Belgium has to offer, always on the lookout for new places, interesting people and things to do within the Belgian borders. We keep you updated about what’s going on in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Liège, Charleroi and beyond, giving you first-hand insight into the country’s buzzing art, music, food and fashion scenes.

We’re a non-profit operation solely fueled by passion for the project.

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Nominee for Best Media at the Elektropedia Awards 2015

Sarah Schug

Founder & editor

Sarah, who moved from Berlin to Brussels over a decade ago, founded See you there with the goal to create a platform for those who are living in or passing through the country seeking to experience Belgium’s burgeoning cultural life. She works as a freelance journalist and copywriter, with bylines in L'Officiel Art Belgium, The Bulletin, Lonely Planet, The Word Magazine, and many others. In 2019 she published the book Isle of art - a journey through Iceland's art scene. 


Raya Boteva

Graphic & web designer

Based in Brussels, Bulgarian-born Raya works as a graphic and web designer, with music being her main interest. Raya studied art in Italy and Graphic Design in Brussels, and is the co-founder of art collective Blood Becomes Water. She mainly creates projects in the form of printed matter and other limited editions, which has taken her to many zine fairs and even to a residency in China as winner of the Crystal Ruth Bell award. Her work has been exhibited at Sterput gallery and many others.


Miles Fischler


Born and raised in Antwerp, Miles impresses with an endless knowledge about her Belgian hometown. As a photographer, the Sint-Lukas graduate is mainly interested in architecture and in observing how people live and the space they use, often experimenting with noise and grain and identifying interesting colour balances. She is a part of Antwerp art collective Ruis, and her work has been exhibited at Tique, Valerie Traan gallery, and others.


Contributing photographers: Ulrike Biets, Lisa Lapierre, Pauline Miko, Margaux Nieto, Murielle Victorine Scherre, Annabella Schwagten, Camille Testard, Sasha Vernaeve

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