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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you haven’t found anything smashing yet for your loved one? If you’re – just like us – not a fan of the typical chocolate-and-roses ritual, we’ve gathered a few ideas to make the search a bit easier for you – of course with special attention to creations made in Belgium.

Marie Martens handbag

If you’re looking for something a bit more high-end, the fashionable but timeless bags by Belgian-born designer Marie Martens, who lives between Versailles and her hometown Ghent, are a great choice. They are available at the following stores in Belgium.

For art fans: Rivages by Lara Gasparotto

The perfect gift for art enthusiasts: Rivages, a photo book showcasing the fresh, captivating work of young, rising photographer Lara Gasparotto. Spontaneous and intimate. Order it here or ask your local bookshop.

Howlin’: Knitwear made in Antwerp

La vie en rose: this lovely sweater in Valentine’s colors scores points with its mix of contemporary design and traditional materials. Belgian label Howlin’, founded in 2009, has strong roots in Scotland and Ireland and works with the highest quality yarns and skilled craftsmen. By the way, Howlin’ is Scottish slang for smelly.

Bue limited edition spray paint

Bue is without a doubt one of Belgium’s most prominent graffiti artists. His colorful, cheerful creations lighten up grey cityscapes, especially in Antwerp. Now you can get a limited edition spray designed by the street artist himself to decorate walls or pavements with cheeky love declarations. Available here or at the Montana shop in Brussels.

Instant photo camera

The Instax cameras by Fujifilm bring back the good old Polaroid days, when the delete button of the digital era did not exist yet! A great way to create spontaneous, tangible memories with your loved one. For those with a low budget: a simple throwaway camera has almost all the same exciting advantages.

Home-made Valentine’s cookies

If you don’t want to spend much money on a gift and prefer home-made presents, why not make special Valentine’s cookies decorated with playful love declarations? We got the original idea from young Belgian photographer Julie Scheurweghs, who made quite a little buzz on Facebook and Instagram with her delicious-looking, cheeky vegan baked goodies. And if you’re too lazy to make them yourself, drop her a line and she’ll sell you some!

A spa day at home with Soley

Create a relaxing spa day in your own four walls with the luxury but affordable products from Icelandic brand Soley. We’ve tested them ourselves and are in love! Soley uses all natural ingredients such as wild Icelandic herbs which make for a delicious smell. Available at Brussels concept store FÖR.

Cuddle-worthy blankets by Ferm Living

Danish brand Ferm Living‘s stylish, big-sized, super fluffy blankets are the perfect cover-up for cozy nights spent in front of the fireplace or, less romantic but probably more realistic, while binge-watching your favorite series on the living room sofa. Available for example at Brussels’ La Fabrika.

Weekend getaway: Suite 17, Nieuwpoort

If you want to take your other half on a romantic weekend but far away from kitschy Valentine’s Day clichés, Suite 17 in Belgian seaside town Nieuwpoort might be the right place for you. The sleak, minimal interior was obviously arranged by a true design fan and even features paintings by Belgian artists like Manor Grunewald and Thomas Dhanens. Our favorite feature: the natural outside pool.

Stutterheim raincoat for him

Belgium is more than famous for its many grey, rainy days. With this sober, stylish and hand-made raincoat in romantic red from Swedish brand Stutterheim, your man will be ready to face every weather with you. Available in Belgium here.

Dinner for two at YAG

Dining out is always a nice treat, and especially so at new Brussels hotspot YAG. The cozy but stylish restaurant in Ixelles cooks with bio and local ingredients only, promoting healthy eating and paying attention to how food affects your body after the motto “you are what you eat”.

The classic: love cards

If you’re on a low budget but want to get something for your signifacant anyway, why not go for the old classic, a simple card? We found a few nice ones on Etsy that are both funny and cute and not too kitschy.



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