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Dominique GobletBelgian painter and sculptor Dominique Goblet started working on her graphic memoir back in 1995, but it took her no less than twelve years to complete it. The renowned New York Times published a raving review of the publication: “It is a rare gift to come across a book as tender, affecting and complete as ‘Pretending Is Lying’.” Read the whole article here and or order the book here.

This year sees already the 11th edition of Belgian fashion contest Customisez-moi, and self-taught designers as well as students from the fashion schools are both invited to supply their applications now here. Deadline is 30 September.

Having released their sunny debut EP “These Golden Summers” a year ago, Belgian indie pop band The Sunday Charmers is now ready for a proper full-length album. The trio consisting of brothers Etienne and Flo and their friend Morgan is inspired by the rock of the 60s and 70s, blending funkiness with melancholy. On these pages we’ve already described them as the Belgian answer to Whitest Boy Alive. But recording albums is an expensive ordeal, which is why the three-piece with a penchant for Hawaiian shirts has launched a crowdfunding campaign that you can support here.

The Sunday Charmers

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