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If you’re anything like us, these last days before Christmas will see you running around like a headless chicken trying to find presents for your loved ones. To make the search a bit easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of cool last-minute gift ideas you’ll be able to quickly get your hands on, because, sorry, it’s too late now to trust the definitely-before-christmas-guarantees of online shopping sites.

1 A book for plant lovers: Greenterior by Antwerp’s Coffeeklatch

Released earlier this year, Greenterior is the first book by the creative minds behind the Antwerp-based Coffeeklatch blog, a site which features Belgium-based-only artists, designers, musicians and other interesting personalities in their beautiful homes. The gorgeous book takes an international approach and focuses especially on plant-loving creatives, their interiors and projects. Available at Ghent’s Copyright, Fnac, or Recollection in Antwerp.

2 Drinks: Ginderella, gin made in Ghent

A great gift for all gin lovers: if you want to go for something locally produced and a bit more special while shining with your knowledge about rare gin brands, this is for you. Ginderella is a gin made in Ghent, more specifically by Geert Heyneman, an urban ecologist and botanist. His creation is based on invasive species only, and uses fresh herbs instead of dried ones. You can find a list of stockists here.

3 Belgian fashion: Komono sunglasses

Komono‘s sunglasses, created by Belgian designers Anton Janssens and Raf Maes, have taken the world by storm. Their timeless, contemporary and stylish designs at decent prices are a huge success, and rightly so. Get a pair for the upcoming ski holidays at Antwerp’s Your, or at their current pop-up-store in Brussels.

4 Food: Dinner at Brussels’ Kamo, approved by Michelin

Belgium is home to quite a big number of good Japanese restaurants, but Brussels’ Kamo is one of a kind. Here, you can treat your invitee to a meal in the country’s only Japanese that has been awarded a Micheln star. What’s more, prices are rather affordable and opposed to many other Michelin-starred-restaurants the atmosphere in the Tokyo-style eatery is relaxed and pleasant.

5 Photo book: A Project for later by Belgian photographer Pauline Miko

Belgian photographer Pauline Miko’s debut book “A project for later” not only explores themes such as memories, the passing of time or nostalgia, but is a beautiful object inside and out. Its rather big size makes for a special and sensual viewing and reading experience. Available at Ghent’s Copyright.

6 Music made in Belgium: Deus’ The Ideal Crash

With this Belgian classic you can’t go wrong, and chances are high that your local record store always has a copy of it in stock. Deus’ “The Ideal Crash”, released back in 1999, is a must in the record collection of every Belgian music fan and a great gift for non-Belgians which will make them understand why Deus has achieved such a cult status in their home country.

7 More fashion: Jewellery by Belgian designer Vanessa Aerts

When it comes to buying jewellery, it’s hard to find something in between too cheap and non-affordable. Belgian designer Vanessa Aerts bridges this gap with her sleek, minimal, hand-made creations, all available in her lovely little shop right off Place Chatelain.

8 Wellbeing: Teatox

Teatox only arrived at Brussels’ concept store Hunting & Collecting a few weeks ago, and we’re already fans. Its different all-organic and delicious blends put forward tea’s natural healing powers following Kakuzo Okakuro’s philosophy: “Having a cup of tea is like taking a bath from the inside.” Despite the health factor Teatox’ formulas have nothing in common with bitter pharmacy teas and come in gorgeous packaging. Check out the different blends here.

9 Music: Dour festival 2016

Last week Dour was voted best Belgian festival at this year’s Elektropedia awards, and tickets for the next edition 5-day-long music bash taking place in July 2016 are already on sale! If you get passes now, you profit from early bird prices and make sure your loved ones have their tickets in their pockets before it’s all sold-out.

10 Interior: Belgian designer Julien Renault’s Rainbow Shades

Rising Belgian designer Julien Renault’s mesmerizing Rainbow Shades come in all conceivable colors and work well in kitchens as well as bedrooms. Each lamp is a unique item made in Julien’s own Brussels workshop. A great gift for design fans that’s available in a multitude of shops across the country. Have a look here.

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