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Photography in Brussels, concerts in Liège, exhibitions in Veurne and Ghent, and more. See you there!

Exhibition: Dirk Braeckman at Bozar

Until 29 April Brussels

From Venice to Brussels: after representing Belgium at the 57th edition of the Venice Biennal, Belgian photographer Dirk Braeckman is coming to Bozar for an extensive solo exhibition. The Ghent-based artist, who considers his darkroom to be his studio, is celebrated for his intriguing and suggestive black-and-white analogue photographs. His oeuvre is concerned with the process of developing and printing while exploring the boundaries and purpose of photography as such. A must-see!

Concert: Thyself, Coyote Melon & Boda Boda at Reflektor

Thursday, 15 February Liège

Music made in Belgium: this Thursday you can discover three emerging Belgian bands at Liège’s Reflektor. While Thyself, a four-piece from Brussels, just released its debut album “Topaz”, a mix of melancholic, energetic and melodic rock, Ghent-based band Coyote Melon has made a name for itself with catchy pop rock. And Boda Boda describe themselves as “five weird kiddos who play guitars through bass amps to make ’em sound like synths. And play synths through guitar amps…”

Opening: Lady to Fox at Clearing

Friday, 16 February, 17-21h00 Brussels

If you still haven’t seen Clearing gallery ‘s enormous new space in a former shutter factory of no less than 5,400 square feet at 311 Avenue Van Volxemlaan, this Friday is the opportunity to do so when the gallery which also operates a space in Brooklyn opens its doors for the vernissage of French artist Lili Reynaud-Dewar. She works across different mediums from text to video and installations, often examining cultural, social and emotive identities while referencing the liberation movements and subcultures of the 20th century.

Art festival: BIP Liège

From 17 February to 1 April Liège

Formerly known as Liège’s International Biennial of Photography and Visual Arts, the art festival founded in 1997 evolved into the “Biennial of the Possible Image”, a nod to the constant transformations and mutations photography has been experiencing especially in recent years. Weaving together video, photography and visual art, the festival interrogates contemporary images and our relationships with them. The official exhibitions across various venues are complemented by a rich Off programme. More details here.

Opening: Im Gebiss der Zeit at Convent

Friday, 16 February Ghent

“Im Gebiss der Zeit”, German for “In the teeth of time”, is the title of an exhibition dedicated to the oeuvre of deceased German artist Norbert Schwontkowski. The show presents a selection of paintings and works on paper as part of a special scenography designed by Antwerp-based architect Bram Denkens. Don’t miss the opening this Friday at Ghent’s Convent art space.

Exhibition: Private Choices at Centrale for Contemporary Art

Until 27 May Brussels

While artists, gallerists and curators get quite some spotlight, collectors are are the hidden figures of the contemporary art world. The exhibition “Private Choices” puts 11 art lovers and their collections on center stage, shining a light on their their very personal visions of art and life while highlighting the specific characteristics of each collection. The show includes some of Belgium’s most prominent collectors such as Frederic Goldschmidt and the Servais family, featuring artworks by iconic artists from Marcel Duchamp to Damien Hirst, Nan Goldin, and Cy Twombly. Not to miss!

Exhibition: Nabeeld at Emergent

Until 15 April Veurne

If you’re going to the seaside, make sure to stop at Veurne’s Emergent art space which currently presents two shows: “Nabeeld”, a solo exhibition by Dutch artist Anno Dijkstra, as well as the group show “Koorts”, which brings together  six different artists from Belgium and abroad who address their obsessions and inner demons in their work. By the way, Dijkstra’s works are not only on view at Emergent but also throughout the city.

Cover photo Sasha Vernaeve

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