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Ready for your next art outing but not sure where to go? We’ve got you sorted: here are the five exhibitions you really shouldn’t miss this month, from painting and photography to conceptual and installation art. Catch them while you still can!

1.Emmanuel Van der Auwera at Harlan Levey

Until 4 March

Emmanuel Van der Auwera‘s solo show “Everything Now Is Measured By After” presents two different series spread out over two gallery rooms. “Memento” explores the media’s representation of the crowd as well as how catastrophic events write themselves into collective memory by showing a sequence of offset newspaper panels mounted on aluminium. Headlines and images from different disasters are camouflaged by blue paint: sometimes hiding something can lead to unexpected revelations. The second room features Van der Auwera’s interactive video sculptures, which invite the viewer to gaze through polarising filters mounted on tripods to witness military footage of assassination operations – referencing not only our detachedness, but also today’s obsession to observe every little detail. An intelligent, refreshingly political, and thought-provoking show.

2. Robert Devriendt at Albert Baronian

Until 4 March

Belgian artist Robert Devriendt is known for his small-sized realistic paintings that always have a certain gloominess to them. Albert Baronian Gallery now presents his latest works under the title “The Missing Script”. Rather fitting, as Devriendt’s paintings often remind of  – slightly haunting – film stills. Interestingly, the project doesn’t end with this exhibition: travelling to London and Paris afterwards, it will continue to change and grow, like a “wayward interpretation of a storyboard without a fixed script”, as the artist explains himself.

3. Alex Morrison at Levy.Delval

Until 11 March

Levy.Delval currently presents a solo show by American artist Alex Morrison, who has been exploring West Coast idealism and its many ideological and cultural aspects for the past fifteen years with sculptures, paintings, drawings and digital renderings. Still today the West of North America embodies this certain sense of hope and promise, and “Dun Roamin” deals with exactly that.

4. Alexandre De Cunha at Office Baroque

Until 4 March

Office Baroque presents the very first solo exhibition of Brazilian-born artist Alexandre da Cunha in Belgium under the title “Mornings”, bringing together his wall-based, monochromatic canvases and sculptures. The artist regularly incorporates found objects into his pieces, ranging from seashells, pillows and T-shirts to bags and beach towels, giving the works an ambiguity of surface. 

5. Cesare Fabbri at Fondation A Stichting

Until 26 March

Fondation A Stichting, located on the site of the former Bata factories in Brussels, has dedicated itself to promoting the art of photography in all its forms. Currently on show is “The Flying Carpet”, an exhibition presenting three to date unshown series of Italian photographer Cesare Fabbri, showing the evolution over time of initials carved on the bark of a tree as well as curious objects or bizarre situations and landscape portraits of Sardinia. You can check out a beautiful book available at the lovely Tipi shop featuring his work here.

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