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Things to do in Belgium this week: psychedelic sounds in Brussels, a night out in Liège, art in Ghent, and more. See you there!

Concert: Temples at Botanique

Monday, 31 March, 20h00 Brussels

We cannot rave enough about this British four-piece who just released their debut effort “Sun Structures” this February, an album which will quite probably make it into countless Best release of the year-lists. A few months ago Temples have already proven at Botanique that they are able to effortlessly transfer their psychedelic sounds to the stage and make for a great live band, one that gives you the impression they just time travelled here from the 60s. Make sure to catch them this Monday, again at Botanique. For fans of Tame Impala, The Beatles and The Byrds.

Opening: Elena Bajo at D+T Project Gallery

Thursday, 3 April, 18h00-21h00 Brussels

D+T Project Gallery, which scored the Karen Renders Award at last year’s Art Brussels, is always worth a visit. And especially this Thursday, when Elena Bajo’s newest exhibition kicks off. “The Absence of Work” explores the subject of doing nothing as something that takes time and work in itself, inspired by the philosophy of the so-called Situationists and for instance Marxist theorist Guy Debord’s famous quote “Ne travaillez jamais”. Bajo, born in Madrid and now living between Los Angeles and Berlin, is known for her genre-crossing practice which continually deals with social and political aspects of today’s society and the relevance of art within it.

Opening: Christophe Bourguedieu at Box Galerie

Thursday, 3 April, 18h00 Brussels

Box Galerie, one of Brussels’ major galleries for contemporary photography, presents “somewhere, anywhere, nowhere”, a selection of works by Marrakesh-born photographer Christophe Bourguedieu. His work is rigidly structured into series and has brought him to faraway places as Australia, Japan, the US or Finland. Whilst Bourguedieu does feel the need to get away from reality and daily life in order to practice his art, his approach cannot be categorized as simple travel photography. His images explore the relationship between people and their surroundings and are full of intimacy, stillness and sensuality.

Night out: BGDC at Studio 22

Friday, 4 April, 22h00-6h00 Liège

Liège’s girls-only collective “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, founded in 2009, does everything from exhibitions to parties, and its members  express themselves through various mediums such as photography, painting, drawing, video and tattoo art. This Friday they’re throwing a big night out at Studio 22, inviting Kap Bambino’s Caroline France behind the decks as well as Vlek’s Cupp Cave and Liyo, Steph and Sidney from the BGDC crew.

Birthday bash: Hunting and Collecting turns 4

Friday, 4 April, 22h00-6h00 Brussels


Hunting and Collecting, founded in 2010 by visual artist and former event planner Niels and former fashion editor Aude, quickly became Brussels’ most famous concept store and got quite some attention on an international scale. It’s much more than just a clothes shop, featuring everything from decorative objects and music to books and fashion. Hunting and Collecting also hosts exhibitions, book launches and the like, and for its upcoming 4th anniversary the two founders have thought up an extra big party, this time at an external venue: Brussels’ brandnew Pop-up Art Club. Happy birthday!

Opening: L’œil se noie at Kiosk

Friday, 4 April, 20h00 Ghent

Eric Baudelaire

Eric Baudelaire

With L’oeil se noie  Ghent’s Kiosk Gallery brings together the artistic practices of two French artists: Eric Baudelaire and Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc. Sharing an interest in the gaps and cracks that make up stories, the exhibition is the outcome of an intuitive dialogue between the like-minded artists. It mainly deals with the so-called “unfinished business”, hinting at a number of efforts which never saw the light of day but also cherishing the necessity of unfinished spaces and the wandering and wondering they imply.

Night out: Veronika Vasicka, Different Fountains and more at Les Ateliers Claus

Saturday, 5 April, 21h00-6h00 Brussels

Les Ateliers Claus, one of Brussels’ main spots for alternative music, just reopened its doors last fall. It not only hosts concerts but also exhibitions and other happenings, exploring the boundaries and common ground between art and rock’n’roll. This Saturday Les Ateliers Claus are throwing one big party, headlined by the wonderful Veronika Vasicka, founder of New York label Minimal Wave, where she specializes in obscure electronic gems and is dedicated to compiling lost and rare sounds of analogue synthesizers, 70s and 80s cold wave electronics as well as italo disco. Also on the menue: Franco-Belgian outfit Different Fountains, Balle Magique, sofa and Dimitri Runkkari.

Opening party: Pop-Up Art Club

Saturday, 5 April, 22h00 Brussels

Who knows Brussels’ nightlife a bit might have noticed that there’s quite some room for improvement and many party-goers are craving new initiatives and venues. Accordingly we’re very happy to announce that there’s a new player on the field: Pop-Up Art Club, a two-leveled, large-scale space transformed into a nightclub for the spring months from April to June which wants to bring together different disciplines such as art, fashion and nightlife. It all kicks off this Saturday with a huge opening party and a secret line-up…

Cover picture Victor Duchêne

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