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Armenian jazz, Turkish cinema, Iranian photography and Saint-Gilles football in Brussels, Leuven, and Antwerp. See you there!

Cinema: L’Heure d’Hiver Istanbul

Runs until 19 March Brussels

Still from the movie “Stray”

Every year, Cinema Galeries shines a light on a Middle Eastern city with the “L’heure d’hiver” festival. This time around, all eyes are on Istanbul, with a carefully curated program that includes both restored classics and contemporary movies. Highlights this week: “This is not me”, which follows the stories of three gay men who all married women to hide their sexual orientation, and “Uzak” (Distant), a film about two cousins who live together in Istanbul after one of them loses his job in a factory in the countryside. Full schedule here.

Photography: L’Iran en révolutions at Geopolis

Runs until 7 May  Brussels

Photo by Alain Keler

The current exhibition at Geopolis, a place dedicated to photo journalism, couldn’t be more timely. In light of the recent ongoing protests and repressions in Iran that we all have heard of, this both educational and visually stunning group show takes a look at the country’s history of revolutionary movements from 1979 until today. With works by award-winning photographers Alain Keler, Eric Bouvet, Marie Tihon, REZA, and Michel Setboun.

Exhibition: Veronika Pot at Base Alpha Gallery

Runs until 29 April  Antwerp

“The valley is quiet, the torment indefinitely” at Base-Alpha gallery presents recent works by Belgian, Antwerp-based artist Veronika Pot, whose poetic artistic universe is based on analog photography, handmade prints, and a fascination for nature. Dreamlike, hazy, and mystifying, Pot plays with fragments, collage, colors, and transformation techniques, sometimes rendering the original image almost unrecognizable. Spellbinding.

Concert: Tigran Hamasyan at Het Depot

Thursday, 16 March, 21h00 Leuven

Armenian pianist Tigran Hamasyan has made a name for himself with his signature fusion of powerful jazz improvisations with the rich folkloric music of his native country. His latest creation, “StandArt”, was released last year. While it’s already Hamasyan’s 11th record, it is also his very first cover album, reinterpreting American jazz standards. For his performance at Leuven’s Het Depot, the musician will be joined on stage by bass player Rick Rosato and drummer Jonathan Pinson.

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Exhibition: Primitive Botanica at Popotes

Opens Wednesday, 15 March Brussels

Ixelles café Popotes serves more than just coffee and pancakes: Now the cozy spot also has art on the menu. “Primitive Botanica” presents a selection of works by Belgian-born artist Johan Dussart. Originally from the world of fashion, he now shows his genre-crossing visual work in Brussels for the first time, mixing different materials and techniques from acrylic and charcoal to collage and sewing.

Finissage: Ici, ici, c’est Saint-Gilles

Friday, 17 March, 17-21h00 Brussels

Local cult club Union St. Gilloise, known for its cozy, old school stadium and friendly crowd as well as a trajectory proving that money isn’t everything, celebrates its 125th birthday this year. On the occasion, Maison des Cultures de Saint-Gilles hosts a photography exhibition staged by La Nombreuse, highlighting the club’s history and first and foremost its dedicated fanbase. Stop by for a beer (cash only) for the closing event this Friday, one day after the hopefully victorious encounter with Union Berlin.

Cover photo Veronika Pot

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