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A spotlight on Irish movies in Belgium, sad dancefloor shenanigans in Antwerp, a monumental outdoor artwork in Brussels gets revealed, and more. See you there!

Cinema: Irish Film Festival

From 21 to 23 March Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent

Still from The Quiet Girl

Irish movies are clearly having a moment: Several productions from the Emerald Isle (Aftersun, The Banshees of Inisherin,…) have been capturing audiences all over the world and earned a record number of Oscar nominations this year, 14 to be precise. A great time then to dive deeper into the island’s vibrant film scene, which this week’s Irish Film Festival simultaneously taking place in Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent, provides the perfect opportunity for. Full programme here.

Night out: Vinyl session at Witzli-Poetzli

Friday, 24 March, 21h00 Antwerp

Antwerp’s cozy Witzli-Poetzli is more than 30 years old, open every day from noon onwards, and one of the city’s most charismatic bars. This week, it’s time once more for one of its vinyl-only evenings. On Friday, homegrown DJ Mayz and Mogus take over the turntables with their Tears in the Night series, a danceable mix of melancholia, darkness and beautiful tristesse.

Finissage: Memories Gone Wild at ISELP

Saturday, 25 March, 16-19h00 Brussels

Cecilia Hurtado

This week is your last chance to check out the current exhibition at Brussels’ ISELP, “Memories Gone Wild”.  It assembles installations, drawings, photographs, and collages by the so-called Fictive Archive Investigations group, initiated by Brussels-based visual artist Claire Ducène. Consisting of 16 artists, musicians, curators, writers, and researchers from all over the world, it explores the notion of the archive between history and creation, document and fiction.

Opening: Laura Henno at Galerie Nathalie Obadia

Saturday, 25 March Brussels

French, Paris-based artist Laura Henno who studied both photography and film and whose practice oscillates between the two, takes over the space of Nathalie Obadia gallery in Brussels starting this Saturday. Her solo show “Traversées” sheds light on identities, existences, bodies and voices that usually don’t receive much attention. Her captivating work, which breaks with the conventions of the documentary genre, is the result of intense and profound relationships with communities who find themselves in a context of clandestinity, isolation, uprootedness, migration or exile.

Inauguration & parade: Laure Prouvost at KANAL

Saturday, 25 March, 16h00 Brussels

KANAL will still be under construction for quite a while. In the meantime, the immense exterior of the museum will have to do as a bit of a different exhibition space, one that speaks directly to the city and its people. It’s being inaugurated this week, when celebrated French artist Laure Prouvost, who represented her country at the Venice Biennale and works out of her studio in Molenbeek, will unveil her monumental  creation expanding over the 1000 square meters of the building’s gigantic façade. The grand opening this Saturday also features a marching band, choir members from Singing Molenbeek, plants, seeds and megaphones. Join the parade here.

Exhibition: In Medias Res at Barbé Gallery

Runs until 9 April Ghent

“In Medias Res” unites works by Adelheid De Witte, Flexboj & L.A., Nokukhanya Langa, Carole Ebtinger, Charlie De Voet, Willem Boel, and many others. It’s the first under the new name of the Ghent gallery: Barbé. The title of the multifaceted group show refers to storytelling that dives into the middle of a narrative without a preamble – strangely fitting for the gallery’s new beginning.

Cover photo Miles Fischler

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