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Exhibition: Alex Morrison at Levy.Delval

Until 11 March Brussels

Levy.Delval currently presents a solo show by American artist Alex Morrison, who has been exploring West Coast idealism and its many ideological and cultural aspects for the past fifteen years with sculptures, paintings, drawings and digital renderings. Still today the West of North America embodies this certain sense of hope and promise, and “Dun Roamin” deals with exactly that.

Concert: Wild Nothing at Trix

Tuesday, 14 February Antwerp

© Shawn Brackbill

Wild Nothing is pretty much a one-man-project: the creative mind behind it all is Jack Tatum, who founded the band back in 2009 in Blacksburg, Virginia, and so far has recorded all EPs and LPs all by himself. Only for the live shows he gathers other musicians around him, as for example this Tuesday at Antwerp’s Trix. His latest record, “Life of Pause”, is once again filled with soundscapes in between dream pop and indie rock, but this time with a dash of cheerfulness, as Pitchfork rightly concluded.

Opening: Alec Soth at FOMU

Thursday, 16 February, 20-23h00 Antwerp

We are so excited about this one: photography hero Alec Soth is coming to Antwerp! With “Gathered Leaves” FOMU is bringing the American Magnum member to Belgium for the very first time, presenting a retrospective incorporating four critical series from his wide-ranging oeuvre. As one of today’s major documentary photographers, a teacher, Instagrammer, publisher, and blogger, Soth has a big influence on the young generation of photographers. Soth’s approach is fueled by his fascination for the vastness of America, recalling Robert Frank, Stephen Shore, Jack Kerouac and the likes.

Opening: Otani Nieuwenhuize at Ibasho gallery

Thursday, 16 February Antwerp

This exhibition at Ibasho Gallery in Antwerp is the result of a rather unlikely joint project of Japanese photographer Shinji Otani (1972) and Dutch photographer Johan Nieuwenhuize (1980). Together they examine cultural tourism by looking at places where culture is being “consumed”. For example they visited the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the shrine of Dazaifu Tenmangu in Japan, investigating the places from their individual perspectives while creating a collective memory. Interesting approach!

Opening: SOILcollective at Sagacity

 Thursday, 16 February, 18-22h00  Brussels

This season SOILcollective is inviting six artists for a project revolving around researching the element of sound as documentation, despite its temporal and immaterial qualities. The series of shows of an intimate scale are meant to take place in a context of dialogue, exchange and artistic collaboration, and kick off this week with Rik Peeters’ “Raisor”: a fascinating exploration of the inner child you leave behind when being moulded into a functioning adult, inspired by drawings the artist stumbled he had made as a kid.

Night out I : Catclub

Saturday, 18 February Brussels

It’s finally here – Catclub’s 2017 season opening! And it’s at a familiar spot: after almost two years of explorations and new discoveries the party night returns to its well-known former home: the Wild Gallery. Harald Björk, Paul Du Lac, Fais Le Beau and Kong will be mastering the turntables. Come early to avoid the infamously long queues!

Night out II: Tragic Magic Party at Het Bos

Friday, 17 February, 21h00  Antwerp

This is a night with a bit of a sad undertone…the evening is dedicated to PJ Van Campenhout, a young Belgian musician who recently passed away. With this “tragic, magic party”, his friends are throwing him one last big bash while releasing a vinyl featuring his music. With live performances by Star Club West, Fence, younes and yorgos of The Hickey Underworld, Annelies of ECHO Beatty, and many others.

Night out III: 2manydjs at Cadran

Saturday, 18 February Liège

Belgian DJ veterans 2manydjs are back. After quite a long hiatus the legendary duo from Ghent released a new track last year: “Transient Program For Drums And Machinery”. This weekend you can dance to their beats at Liège’s Cadran.

Cover photo by Margaux Nieto

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