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Art and a vinyl market in Brussels, an exhibition in Ostend, a film festival in Ghent, and more. See you there!

Art talk: Concorde at Komplot

Tuesday, 21 October, 18h00 Brussels

Independent art space Komplot recently invited a number of artists to a residency programme at Cheval Noir in Brussels. On Tuesday evening three of the participating artists, Eunice Gonçalves Duarte, Inês Teles and Pedro Faria, all part of Lisbon collective Atelier Concorde, will speak about their practices and present their artworks ranging from paintings to performance and installation art.

Music: Vinyl Market at Bersschouwburg

Wednesday, 22 October, 17h00 Brussels

The comeback of the vinyl is one of the most talked about subjects in the music world these days: From Urban Outfitters claiming to have become the most successful vinyl seller to Jack White’s surprising vinyl victory and musings on so-called hipster records, vinyls are all the rage right now. This Wednesday you can do some serious crate digging when numerous music labels, private collectors and record shops get together at BeursKafee to sell some of their finest records.

Gallery launch: Suzanne

Thursday, 23 October, 18-21h00 Brussels

There’s no doubt about it: Brussels’ art scene is booming. This week sees another gallery being added to the mix, Suzanne, a project thought up by Julien, Margaux and Katherine, three young art enthusiasts. The inaugural exhibition will showcase the works of Atelier Bingo and Charlotte Simonis.

Opening: A Matter Of Time at L’Étage d’Euphrosine

Thursday, 24 October, 18-20h00 Ostend

Artist and gallerist

Artist and gallerist

A little while ago we interviewed Emily Rammant about her brandnew gallery project in Ostend, L’Étage d’Euphrosine. This week sees the opening of her second exhibition, “A Matter Of Time”, which showcases a selection of paintings by Magda Amariorei, a Brussels-based artist with Romanian roots. It’s the very first solo expo of this young, up-and-coming artist, who was also a finalist of SMAK’s “Coming People” exhibition that selects Belgium’s best art school graduates. Ameriorei’s abstract creations are colorful, sensual and at times melancholic, and will be juxtaposed by a landscape painting of Euphrosine Beernaert, an artist who lived in the street of the gallery and who it owes its name to.

Night out: Under My Garage at Fuse

Friday, 25 October, 23h00 Brussels

Brussels party collective Under My Garage has been putting on quite some memorable club nights in the Belgian capital, bringing musical highlights such as the brilliant American producer Slow Magic to the city. This weekend sees another edition at the legendary Fuse, this time with great sound from Bristol (Tessela, Kowton) as well as Belgian up-and-comers Le Motel and a few others behind the decks.

Cinema: Ghent Film Festival

Until Saturday, 25 October Ghent

Ghent’s annual film festival is undoubtedly one of the country’s cinematic highlights of the year. It attracts up to 130.000 film fans each year and has especially made a name for itself with its focus on film music and composers. It is here that the World Soundtrack Awards were created, one of the many reasons why Variety magazine voted it in it’s top 50 must attend festivals worldwide. The multi-faceted programme includes screenings, concerts, seminars, award ceremonies, talks end exhibitions, for example of legendary movie maker Fellini. 

Opening: Peter Sutherland at Rodolphe Janssen Gallery

Saturday, 25 October, 14-20h00 Brussels

With “Reversed Effort” Brussels’ Rodolphe Janssen Gallery presents for the first time a solo exhibition featuring the works of American artist Peter Sutherland. His films, photographs and installations intimately document his many voyages and encounters in a very personal way. His life and art are inextricably intertwined. Sutherland’s fascinating images of Nepal for instance are the result of a message he received on Facebook one day from a beautiful woman who invited the artist to her country. A few years later, they were married…

Cover photo Sasha Vernaeve

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