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See you there is delighted to present you its very first offline event, a multifaceted group exhibition featuring six young photographers who all have made Belgium their home: Margaux Nieto, Ulrike Biets, Lisa Lapierre, Miles Fischler, Sasha Vernaeve, and Camille Testard.

“No place like home” takes you on an unexpected journey through Belgium via the eyes of these six young artists, who don’t capture the country as such, but the people and places around them. By creating a sort of pictorial diary that is authentic, intimate and spontaneous all at the same time, their photographs, projections and installations function as puzzle pieces blending together into what is a striking visual account of Belgium today.

Join us for the closing party this Thursday at Brussels Art Department!

The exhibition runs until 10 March, we’re open every day of the week from 14-18h00

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