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Photography in Antwerp, talent watch in Brussels, exhibitions in Liège, and more. See you there!

Photography: The New Portrait II at Stieglitz 19

Until 9 July Antwerp

todd hiddo stieglitz antwerpWith “The New Portrait Part II”, Antwerp photography gallery Stieglitz 19 brings the portait genre once more into the center of attention. The exhibition shines a light on some of the most innovative photographers at the moment by showcasing their different takes on portraiture, including Belgian rising talent Lara Gasparotto, Chinese enfant terrible Ren Hang, and Todd Hido, whose style makes you feel like diving into a David Lynch-movie.

Talent watch I: Paper Clay at Galerie Nadine Feront

Monday, 6 June, 19h00 Brussels

paper clay la cambre brussels ceramics

© Olivia Barisano

It’s this time of year again: every June Belgian art students all around the country put on exhibitions to present what they’ve been working on throughout the year. Some of these shows are absolute must-sees and great way to discover fresh talent. One of them is “Paper Clay” which unites the creations of Olivia Barisano, Nina Espouy, Elysée Mink, Emmanuelle Musset, Alix Nicolas, Laurent Poisson and Amélie Scotta, who all are in their final year at La Cambre for ceramics and drawing.

Talent watch II: Narafi16 at Tour & Taxis

Opens Monday, 6 June, 19h00 Brussels

© Larsen Heleen

© Larsen Heleen

Another fantastic end-of-year show is “Narafi16”, which is taking over Tour & Taxis until 11 June. If you’re interested in photography, this is a must. You can already get a little foretaste here.

Concert: Empress Of at Botanique

Tuesday, 7 June, 19h30 Brussels

empress of

Les Nuits, the annual outdoor and indoor Brussels music festival located in the city’s stunning botanical gardens, is in full swing. One of the highlights is the concert of rising New York electro pop jewel Lorely Rodriguez aka Empress Of, who released her promising debut album “Me” in fall of last year, a mix of experimental, minimal dance-pop with Lorely’s voice taking center stage.

Rooftop festival: Out loud! at Beursschouwburg

Opens 8 June Brussels

out loud festivalBrussels’ Beursschouwburg invites you to outdoor concerts, film screenings, picnics and more on its beautiful rooftop terrace with view on the Brussels Stock Exchange. It’s all part of Out loud!, the cultural hub’s annual summer festival. Pass by in the afternoon for lunch or in the evenings for dancing over the roofs of Brussels. In case of rain the attached indoor bar comes to the rescue.

Opening: Joachim Coucke at Yoko Uhoda Gallery

Thursday, 9 June, 18-21h00 Liege

deeper minds joachim coucke exhibition

With his intelligent, thought-provoking and slightly brainy solo exhibition “Deeper Minds”, Belgian artist Joachim Coucke examines the impact technology, the internet and especially its powerful corporations have on our lives today. Big Data and companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook have changed our lives forever and privacy has become a somewhat antiquated concept. American inventor and entrepreneur Ray Kurzweil even believes that by 2029, computers will be able to do all the things humans do, and even better. The race for artificial intelligence has begun long ago, which made Coucke wonder: “”What if an artificial brain would write about my work? What if a robot would make my art? What would the outcome be?”

Birthday bash: Café Maison du Peuple turns 8

Friday, 10 June, 17h00 Brussels

cafe maison du peuple brussels

Cafe Maison du Peuple, which has established itself as a St. Gilles institution over the years, celebrates its 8th birthday this week, and you’re invited! the big birthday bash is going down this Friday with a full day of festivities featuring outside bars, foodtrucks, live jazz and much more.

Night out: Catclub & Antwerp Fashion Department at Antwerp Tower

Saturday, 11 June, 23h00 Antwerp

antwerp fashion department2016

The fashion department of Antwerp’s Royal Academy is one of the reasons why the city is a hotshot in the international fashion scene. After the catwalk events this weekend there’ll be a huge after party, as as last year organised by Brussels’ legendary Catclub. Want to dance your heart out on the 21st floor with a stunning view over the city? Then head over to Antwerp tower this Saturday.

Music: The Vinyl Frontier at Antwerp Tower

Friday, 10 June, 20h00 Antwerp

Looks like the Antwerp tower is becoming quite the hotspot. Before Catclub invades it together with Antwerp’s fashion department, Red Bull Elektropedia’s The Vinyl Frontier takes over the gorgeous venue on the 21st floor with an intimate, free concert series featuring vinyl-loving bands. Next up: The Herfsts.

Design: Stock Sale at Nome Furniture

11 and 12 June Antwerp

stocksale nome furniture antwerp

Antwerp’s Nome Furniture invites design fans to visit its special stock sale this Saturday and Sunday. While some pieces are in very good condition, others need restoration, and prices vary accordingly. Expect a fantastic selection of sofas, desks, cabinets, and more.

Cover photo Miles Fischler

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