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Just before the stay-at-home orders, Okamy wandered through his hometown with a camera to capture deserted cityscapes. The video clip accompanying the Belgian artist’s newest single, “You”, transforms the strangely empty Brussels into a tropical wonderland.

Palm trees enframe the Royal Palace and tower at the Atomium, open spaces are carpeted with exotic greenery – nature is taking over; a phenomenon that has been characterizing confinement all over the world. And despite being a love song with sunny undertones, “You” (mastered by none other than Grammy nominee Sarah Register) contains multiple digs at the omnipresent waste culture of today’s society.

Okamy (meaning wolf in Japanese) is the brand new solo project of Gordon Delacroix, former frontman and founder of Belgian indie rock outfit Recorders. He manages to reinvent himself without abandoning his roots, skillfully merging the universes of urban, pop, and indie. Upbeat “You” is Okamy’s third single, after “Hold Up” and “River” which were both released last year. Listen here

For the curious among you, here’s the making-of, displaying Brussels before and after the tropical transformation:

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